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Cleaning the air ducts and dryer vents

There are different methods in cleaning the air ducts and dryer vents. Discover the easiest ways with our tips and guides here. We have essential how-to's on air duct cleaning and repair. Check out our tips. You will find them extremely helpful!

The benefits of residential air duct cleaning

When HVAC maintenance takes place often, your health is shielded and you avoid allergies and health issues. Regular air duct cleaning would limit air loss and the HVAC unit would work better. So, the temperatures would be better and you won't spend too much on energy. If you do HVAC unit repair at least once a year, you'll save money from frequent services.

Check the filters

Keep in mind that you might have filters in your air duct system that need up keeping. Make sure to check on the filters at least once a month. If you see a buildup of lint or dust, replace them right away. The ideal schedule for replacement is once every six months. A well kept filter assures good air quality.

Check the indoor temperatures

If you are not happy with the temperatures at your home although it is insulated and the HVAC system works full-time, check the unit and don't forget the value of HVAC maintenance. If you are still not satisfied, our duct experts in West Hills recommend air duct repair and cleaning. Air duct problems could eliminate the system's efficiency.

Use HVAC only when needed

If the weather is fair and there’s no need to adjust the temperature indoors, our experts suggest that the HVAC unit should be turned off. Aside from increasing electricity consumption and making the bill become bigger as well, the HVAC system will experience more wear and tear, especially when running for long hours.

Find out if the dryer vent needs cleaning

Check if the appliance is hot to touch while working. Determine if the clothes need longer drying. Remove the outdoor cap and check for lint inside the vent.

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