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Air duct maintenance

If you are unsure about air duct maintenance, check out the answers to your questions here. Learn more about the benefits of air duct and air conditioning cleaning and why your allergies will disappear.

What should be done to clean air conditioning vents?

There are no special methods of technique involved in cleaning vents. If you ask experts at Air Duct Cleaning West Hills, they will tell you that vent cleaning is a very basic cleaning procedure. What's necessary is to get rid of whatever it is that is blocking the vents. To do this, a vacuum cleaner and broom or duster can be used. The filters may have to be replaced if it has accumulated dust or has been infected by fungal growth.

Can air duct cleaning reduce allergy risks?

Eliminating dust and other particulate allergens in a room or building is the key to addressing allergy issues triggered by problems with indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning can possibly reduce allergy and asthma problems but it should be coupled with regular home cleaning. Even if the ducts are clean, if the rest of the building isn't, the dust and particles suspended in the air will only be circulated around the building through the ducts.

Why is my house so dusty?

Most problems with dusty homes begin with bad indoor air quality due to problematic HVAC systems. You should do HVAC unit cleaning and make sure filters are also cleaned and maintained in good condition. For better results, you should follow the advices of the experts at Air Duct Cleaning West Hills and check the ducts. Air duct cleaning and complete removal of the dirt and germs will eliminate dust and freshen up the indoor atmosphere.

Is air duct cleaning recommended?

Air duct cleaning is not only a recommendation, but also a requirement. It's important that the cleanest part of a home should be the air ducts. Many health hazards can be avoided, especially pulmonary conditions, just by keeping the air ducts clean.

Is more dust in the house a symptom of dirty air ducts?

If there hasn’t been any major environmental or weather change, the dust is most probably picked up in the ducts and pumped into the house. Full inspection will confirm this. If the air ducts are dirty, they will require immediate cleaning. Leaks and holes have to be sealed right away as well.

Which parts of my air system need to be cleaned?

There are 3 major parts that comprise a typical air duct system; the air handling furnace or air conditioner, the supply and return grills, and the interior surfaces of both the supply and return vents. All three of these must be cleaned properly or contaminates from one of the components will contaminate the others.

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